It was very cold, very windy, with heavy rain. Yet 2000 dedicated friends showed up.

They packed City Hall Plaza in Boston Saturday for a very important cause: raise awareness to help stop mental illness. It was the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Out of the Darkness Walk. Oddly, it was postponed from October 27, because of the Nor’Easter. Even though the walk was moved, the massive crowd that kept the commitment was moving.

With the walkers and partners, almost $400,000 was raised. It was eye opening as we talked to everyone, how many of us have families affected by mental illness. Each person has a heartfelt story. While it was cold and wet, it didn’t matter. Everyone was there to make a statement: Stop mental illness. My heartfelt thanks to everyone that walked with us, and a special congratulations to the A.F.S.P. organizers. They are truly special people helping thousands every year. If you want to walk next year, find more info at: .