It will be eight weeks tomorrow that I broke my tibia and fibula in my right leg and ankle.  I was aghast after surgery when I first looked at the incision. Want to see the progress?  It’s been six-and-a-half weeks since the surgery and what a difference 45 days makes.

The human body really is amazing. I had 31 staples keeping the eight-and-a-half inch incision closed, after the surgeon repaired my ankle with two plates and 13 screws. Amazingly, just 16 days later, the stitches were taken out. In three-and-a-half weeks I go back for a checkup and X-Ray and hopefully at that point I will be able to begin putting weight back on my right foot.

Check out how much my ankle has changed since the surgery!

Pretty amazing! Thanks for following! I will keep you posted!