So, I’ve progressed from crutches to a wheelchair and now to a knee scooter as I recover from my broken ankle. Yesterday, I went into the Public Garden in Boston with my family to have pictures taken of my grandson, Harvey! That’s when it happened!

After negotiating those tricky Back Bay brick sidewalks on Arlington Street, I entered the Public Garden and suddenly there were hundreds of people walking with their heads down. I thought, WOW, the smart phones HAVE taken over the world or it’s a “Zombie Apocalypse”!  I have to be careful going over sidewalks’ seems and cracks, so in addition to that I had to dodge these people who were glued to their smart phones. I haven’t been out of the house much in the last six weeks and I thought “Wow, I can’t believe how fast things have changed. People are easily distracted, but this is ridiculous. These people don’t EVER look up!”

Then it hit me. SOMETHING must be going on. So I asked.

YUP! Pokemon Go! I thought that wave had entirely disappeared a few years ago after it dominated the news cycle for a month. I was wrong. It’s still here and yesterday they took over the beautiful Boston Public Garden. The players missed a lot of the beautiful flowers, statues, fountains and even the “Make Way For Duckling” statues. I was, however, a bit relieved. They were playing a game and doing something fun, rather than just mindlessly staring at their smartphones. (Disclaimer: I have been known to mindlessly stare at my smartphone.)

We had a wonderful time walking (and scootering) around the Public Garden. WHAT a gorgeous day to see Boston history, beautiful sights and lots of people with their heads down! :):) OH, it was free, too!