Oh boy. There are helicopter parents. And then there’s this lady, the AH-64 Apache of helicopter parents.

Her son, a high school junior in St. Louis, didn’t make the varsity team and aged out of making the JV team. So what did his mom do? Did she take him out for ice cream and talk about how some things aren’t meant to be? Did she softly knock on his closed door and stand outside telling him this might mean he can spend more time playing baseball? Did she give him a hug and just say: “That sucks, kid.”

Nope. She Better Call Saul-ed the situation and sued.


“In the federal lawsuit, according to the NY Post, the unnamed mother alleged that her son, called John Doe in court documents, faces age discrimination because juniors are not allowed back on the J.V. team if they don’t make varsity, a rule that has been in effect for all students. Because a similar rule isn’t in effect for girls trying out for the soccer team or for freshman and sophomore boys, the mother’s lawsuit claims the rule also is a violation of Title IX.”

The school says that’s not the case.

Six other juniors were cut from the game. I bet they got ice cream.

What do you think?

Here are more details on the story.

Mom files federal lawsuit after son doesn't make high school soccer team

The unnamed woman, whose son is a junior at Ladue Horton Watkins High School -- located in the most affluent section of city -- filed a lawsuit in federal court this week, claiming the coach's decision discriminates against her precious angel.