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Well this was fun! Terrifying but fun!

My friend John Parker and I drove up to Mt. Sunapee Saturday morning (heads up: you need to make a reservation for the zip-line).

The couple on the zip-line tour with us were kind enough to take these pictures and email them to my friend. (Thank you Bill and Liz!)

The weather was absolutely perfect! Next time I’ll wear something with a lot of pockets to put my keys and money in because as you can see from the pictures, I had to tie my jacket around my waist. (Maybe one day they’ll have lockers to put your stuff in?)

I also did the ‘aerial challenge’ at Sunapee. THAT was SCARY!!! That involves moving from platform to platform thirty feet in the air from one hairy situation to another (with a safety harness on!)! No pictures of that but I do have John as my witness!

Here’s some shots from the zip-line!

My friend John and I on one of the eleven platforms we would descend from (notice my death grip on the safety cords!).

You have to step (or jump!) off that platform…which requires some trust! And there I go! Screaming all the way!

My friend John on the left before he blew past me! You go really fast. There’s a brake just before you land on the platform and someone to help you on if you need it.

This was the last zip-line of the tour…and the longest. So frickin’ fun! It’s one of those things you don’t want to end…but you kind of do want to end? Does that make sense?

Well on our way to the last platform. Sometimes to get from one platform to another you have to repel down which is also scary (to me anyway!). The guys working there do a great job making you feel comfortable at 60 feet in the air!