One of the workers forgot his banana on my fence post. ;-)

#1. I’m not getting paid to say this.

#2. Horizon Interiors is everything Hank Morse says it is. And Val Pitta is the best; down to earth and a total pro. (And…he’s a drummer!)  🙂

I was planning to see relatives for my summer vacation. I purchased the air fare and then, as sometimes happens, it became apparent the timing wasn’t going to work.

So, I decided since I’d have the week off anyway, it might be the perfect time to get my upstairs floors done.

When I bought the house two years ago that was one of the things on my list I wanted done sooner rather than later. The second floor was blanketed in ancient wall to wall, stained, gross beige carpeting.

Like you, I’ve been hearing Hank talk about Horizon Interiors and Val Pitta for years.

I decided to give them a call.

I spoke to Val and he said he’d come by my place and give me an estimate. He showed up, not only ‘on time’, but early!

The quote he gave me was reasonable and I told him I’d go to the Horizon Interiors showroom in Woburn to look at flooring in a day or so.

I think I went two days after he’d come by!

One of his employees, a guy named John, schooled me in the different types of flooring, spread loads of samples on the floor so I could imagine what they might look like in my home and gave me prices and installation information on all of them. He spent a good amount of time assisting me and if it ever crossed his mind that “this woman is a pain in the ass”, he never showed it! haha!

I decided on cedar vinyl flooring, called Val and let him know and we set a date!

He called me a couple days prior to confirm and give me the time his guys would be there.

A crew of three showed up when Val said they would and got to work. They even move your furniture so you don’t have to empty out entire rooms! And they put it back!  (You just have to take the knick-knacks off.)

These guys were courteous, organized, conscientious, cleaned up after themselves every day, kept me in the loop, showed me how the floor would look before they put it down, and did I mention they cleaned up after themselves?!

AND did you know they have a clean up crew that will give the finished floor and baseboards a final spiffing up!

Couple of funny things: because I like to camp, I have my tent set up in my yard (still!). I’d taken my bed apart and planned on either sleeping on the couch or in my tent while the floors were being done. (Val did ask me if I wanted them to set my bed back up. I said no.) Well, Val came by to check on the progress. He noticed the tent and asked if that’s where I’d been sleeping. I said yes. A couple days later he shared that he felt so bad because I was sleeping outside in my tent! I made sure he knew it was something I enjoyed doing regardless of the work being done.

The other funny thing: The guy John, who initially helped me in Horizon Interiors’ showroom came by one afternoon to deliver some materials. He came to my door, said he’d kinda gotten lost on the way, had been in the car awhile and could he use my bathroom. Well, I knew his face but couldn’t place him because he was in casual clothes and when I met him, he was in business attire. And you know how you know someone’s face but when you see them out of context, sometimes it’s hard to place them!  So he comes out of my bathroom and says “you don’t know who I am do you?”! By that time I’d asked the guys and they told me it was John and then I of course remembered but I felt so embarrassed for not being able to place him!

Anyway, bottom line, Horizon Interiors did a fantastic job! For me, those floors are like a dream come true. For real.

I would definitely hire them again and what is it Hank always says? “On budget and on time!” Truth!

Here’s a couple pictures:

THIS is the offending, about to be removed, beige carpet.

You just never know what will be uncovered when you rip up a rug!

Another floor exhumed. I’m sure (?) this looked nice at one time.

Beige linoleum covered by beige carpeting.

Oh my! What a difference!

My cat, Batman, rearranging a rug on the new floor!

(One of the workers left his banana on my fence post.)  😉

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