In the 1980’s, a FIRE broke out in the Prudential Tower. I was on the air on Top 40 station WHTT IN the Pru as the fire broke. I found out about this fire watching THE NEWS about the fire on Channel 5! My boss ran in the studio and said, “put this two hour tape on the air, tell the listeners we are evacuating.” I had to walk down 40 flights of stairs in smoke with a fire fighter giving me oxygen from his mask. I made it safe. About an hour later the then 94.5 WZOU in Copley Square gave us a spare studio to put us back on the air. See below how weatherman had to evacuate due to Florence.


Meteorologists are a tough breed. When everyone stays home, they head out. When the building is flooding, they keep reporting…

Until they can’t- stay safe everyone.

*Photo by NOAA via Getty Images