As residents of the mid-Atlantic coast run for safety, one guy plans to stand his ground against the storm. I have this image of a man strapped to the front of his boat, shouting at Hurricane Florence as it beats down on the marina. 

Which is probably not far off from Masten Cloer’s plan.

What is wrong with this guy?? Did he see Forrest Gump one too many times?

Forrest Gump (1994) Pray For Shrimp - Epic Moment

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The 57-year-old from Hudson, North Carolina is undeterred by evacuation orders and instead plans to ride out the Category 2 storm on his 46-foot cabin cruiser.

“I talked to some of the older people down here, and they are worried,” he said, but admits that he will disembark if things get bad. Here’s the problem, if it gets bad it’s too late! Who has to rescue this idiot then??

Other members of the community are also planning to stay put, bolstered by their experiences with prior hurricanes.

One man plans to ride out Hurricane Florence on his boat

CLOSE LITTLE RIVER, S.C. - Rolling up some plastic windows on his 46-foot cabin cruiser Wednesday, Masten Cloer admitted he was nervous. A new weather forecast predicted Hurricane Florence changing paths to make a landfall near his marina at the border of North Carolina and South Carolina.


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