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Truth be told, I didn’t think when I watched the end of ‘Iron Fist’ Season 1 that I’d be watching the second one, but here I am.

For those who read my first piece on Netflix’s ‘Iron Fist,’ you know that I wasn’t exactly thrilled with how they painted Danny Rand’s character. But now, I’m seeing that at least it left room for Danny to have a very intense character arc.

During ‘Luke Cage’ Season 2, Danny showed up for 1 to 2 episodes and showed that he had grown since ‘The Defenders,’ especially in Matt Murdoch’s absence as Daredevil. Assisting Luke, Danny showed that his head is more grounded and he’s a lot less “poor me, my parents died.”

The season opener surrounds itself with Danny and Colleen living together, with Colleen looking at a center for immigrants, Joy wanting to leave Rand Enterprises, Ward going to group therapy meetings, and Danny ending up in the midst of a Triad War.

Another interesting quantity, Davos didn’t go back to K’un-Lun, and now is in league with Joy. From the first episode, it seems as if the Triad War, Colleen’s past, and Joy are going to be the major pillars and players of what this season is going to be without. And though the Hand is technically gone, it doesn’t mean the danger has ended.


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