A homeowner in Sandston, Virginia is tired of kids coming onto his property while they’re waiting at a nearby bus stop. So he chose to put up an electrified fence to ensure they would get the message.

“They don’t respect other people’s land,” the homeowner said. “I pick up trash every day.”  The fence separates the man’s front yard from a school bus stop, and he took the measure because he claims simple “no trespassing” signs didn’t do the trick.

Parents complained and Tucker was later told to remove the fence because it was technically placed on county property. However, he can reinstate the fence as long as it stays on his property line.

Too far?

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A man put up an electric fence near a school bus stop to keep kids off his lawn

A Virginia man took "you kids get off of my lawn" to new levels by putting up an electric fence near a spot where students wait for the school bus.