Charles McQuillan, Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Lost Mick Jagger/Carly Simon Recording Found After Over Four Decades

For the first time in over 45 years after its initial recording, a duet between Mick Jagger and Carly Simon was found.

Per the Associated Press, the Jagger/Simon collaboration tentatively called “Fragile” was found by Rolling Stones collector Matt Lee on a tape he owns but did not disclose where he got the tape.  He forwarded a digital copy of the recording to Rolling Stone, who promised to forward it to Simon.

In a November 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Simon talked about the duet and said, “[Producer] Richard Perry has been looking for that tape for years. Someone from Warner Brothers must have it.”  She then sang the following line from the song: “Funny, funny, funny, funny, funny, How love can make you cry.”

Now whether or not us fans will ever hear it remains uncertain, but in an age where reissues and “vault releases” are so popular, it’s difficult to believe it won’t be released.  

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock blogger that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.