I just got back form a week’s vacation in Brewster on Cape Cod. Beautiful town on the bay side. We had great weather, went to the beach, hung out with Harvey, ate good meals and enjoyed quality family time. BUT!!!

SHARKS. SHARKS. SHARKS. They. Are. Everywhere. There were 28 shark sightings reported and there had to be more that went unreported, because my family had one of them. My wife, Pam, and my daughter, Abbey, saw two shark fins early one morning at Nauset Beach on the national seashore in Orleans. We reported it to the beach authorities and the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. We saw a TON of seals and even a Minke whale.

Here’s the thing: The sharks aren’t just between Provincetown and Chatham. They are in Cape Cod Bay, too! Lots of them. They don’t get reported as frequently, but they are there. There were numerous sightings, including one right out in front of the area we were staying. I did swim in the bay side until I realized how many actual sightings there were. I spoke with a “local” who said “There are dozens of great whites in the bay”!

Other than that, we had a blast. Visited Chatham, Provincetown and Orleans and went to a beautiful dinner at the Waterfront Restaurant at the Lighthouse Inn in West Dennis.

The best part was spending relaxed family time! Pam and I had our daughters Abbey and Charlotte. along with my grandson Harvey, his Dad, Ryan, and Charlotte’s best friend Alana. My sister-in-law and her family rented the house right next door to us, so we had a blast!

My vacations pictures!