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Patriots Giving Tom Brady $5 Million Incentive Laden Contract Increase!

Big Deal! Tom Terrific is very underpaid at $15 Million a year, considering he's won five Super Bowls and is the reigning NFL MVP! Brady will jump from the 22nd highest paid quarterback to 16th. Big Whoop!

Brady has never been all about the money, but the fact that Jimmy Garoppolo makes $27.5 Million and has never started for an entire season is entirely ridiculous. Maybe there are other factors for Brady, such as a possible deal with the Krafts for his TB12 business at Patriot Place. Brady has two years left on his contract that would make him 43 at the conclusion of the deal. Maybe Brady is content with playing out the deal and becoming an unrestricted free agent. I hope not!

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The Patriots are poised to give Tom Brady a new contract, which will include incentives and bring his pay more in line with what other top quarterbacks are making https://t.co/v7cyhHrXrH