The FIRST movie my mother took me to was “The Way We Were”. I was three. It was inappropriate.  BUT I FELL IN LOVE with Robert Redford.

Honestly, my first crush in kindergarten KIND OF looked like him. So there’s that.

The almost-82-year-old announced he was retiring from acting. His last movie will be “The Old Man and the Gun” with Casey Affleck. That comes out next month.

Good for Redford. Bad for us. These are my favorite Robert Redford movies, in no particular order:

“Up Close and Personal.” Yes, it’s slightly cheesy, but I cannot resist a movie about journalism with Robert Redford and a theme song by Celine Dion.

“Barefoot in the Park” combines two of my favorites: Redford and playwright Neil Simon. It’s perfect.



My favorite movie ever. “The Way We Were.” I actually can get CHOKED up when Hubbell talks about his best years and they were all with Katie. This movie SLAYS ME every time.

OK, this is a deep cut, but my mother loved Natalie Wood and Channel 56 used to show all these old movies on Saturday morning, so she made me watch this. I was kind of confused about it, because I think Alma was a HOOKER. But my Redford obsession overlooked that.

The only baseball movie I can stomach. BUT I LOVE IT.



And this is Redford’s most recent. I thought it was sad and lovely and touching.