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The FIRST movie my mother took me to was “The Way We Were”. I was three. It was inappropriate.  BUT I FELL IN LOVE with Robert Redford.

Honestly, my first crush in kindergarten KIND OF looked like him. So there’s that.

The almost-82-year-old announced he was retiring from acting. His last movie will be “The Old Man and the Gun” with Casey Affleck. That comes out next month.

Good for Redford. Bad for us. These are my favorite Robert Redford movies, in no particular order:

“Up Close and Personal.” Yes, it’s slightly cheesy, but I cannot resist a movie about journalism with Robert Redford and a theme song by Celine Dion.

Up Close & Personal - Trailer

Hollywood favorites Robert Redford (Indecent Proposal ) and Michelle Pfeiffer (Dangerous Minds) sizzle together in this acclaimed story of heated passion and burning ambition! When aspiring news reporter Tally Atwater (Pfeiffer) tries to break into television, only veteran newsman Warren Justice (Redford) will give her a shot.

“Barefoot in the Park” combines two of my favorites: Redford and playwright Neil Simon. It’s perfect.


Barefoot in the Park - Trailer

Robert Redford is Mister Straight. Jane Fonda is his new wife, who dedicates her life to the pursuit of fun. As the ecstasy of the honeymoon gives way to the reality of setting up housekeeping in a fiveflight walk-up, the harmony of marriage turns to comical discord.


My favorite movie ever. “The Way We Were.” I actually can get CHOKED up when Hubbell talks about his best years and they were all with Katie. This movie SLAYS ME every time.

The Way We Were

Set against the politicalism of pre-WWII and later McCarthyism, a diametrically opposed couple come together only to find that genuine friendship and physical attraction is not enough to overcome fundamental societal beliefs. The collapse of their relationship comes in tandem with her determination to speak to the House Un-American Acitvities Committee.

OK, this is a deep cut, but my mother loved Natalie Wood and Channel 56 used to show all these old movies on Saturday morning, so she made me watch this. I was kind of confused about it, because I think Alma was a HOOKER. But my Redford obsession overlooked that.

This Property Is Condemned - Trailer

Repressed desires, sultry women, sweltering weather and a handsome new stranger in town...this is playwright Tennessee Williams at his very best. Depression-era Dodson, Mississippi, is particularly devastated with the arrival of Owen Legate (Robert Redford), a railroad official with a pocketful of pink slips for the rail yard employees.

The only baseball movie I can stomach. BUT I LOVE IT.


The Natural - Trailer

Robert Redford stars in the inspiring fable of a baseball player's major league dreams and the mysterious woman who shatters them. (Original Title - The Natural) © 1984 TriStar Pictures, Inc. All Rights Reserved.


And this is Redford’s most recent. I thought it was sad and lovely and touching.

Our Souls At Night | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

It is possible to find love next door. Robert Redford and Jane Fonda star in Our Souls At Night, a Netflix Film. Now streaming on Netflix. SUBSCRIBE: About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading internet entertainment service with 130 million memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages.