You GUYS. I went to Boston and Cambridge on my first two days of vacation. Lucy and I were sort of flying solo because my husband, Dave, is taking some classes (NERD.)

Anyway I met my friend, Shelagh (check out her website, for some drinks in Boston. I was LOVING the city, strolling around the North End and the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Sometimes it’s good to have a date with your hometown. I was romanticizing leaving the ‘burbs and getting a place on Hanover St. when I was brought back to reality.

A dead rat.

Dead center of the sidewalk.

No thanks, North End.

I’ll take chipmunks in Canton any day.

On Saturday, Lucy and I went to a Sox game. We left after the seventh inning. I guess that’s when things GOT GOOD. But you can thank me for the win. If I’d stayed they would have lost. Trust me. I’m a bad omen.

But we took a pedicab and that was a blast!

The next day we decided to Good Will Hunting it and headed to Harvard to see what the BIG DEAL WAS.

I’ll admit it. Harvard’s nice. If you’re a Massachusetts resident, you can get into the Museum of Natural History for FREE. So we did that. Lots of stuffed animals – as in the Norman Bates variety. Also, I learned about meteors (sort of) and there’s excellent exhibit called Glass Flowers: The Ware Collection of Blaschka Glass Models of Plants. It’s pretty amazing considering the collection is from 1886.

More importantly, we saw where Conan O’Brien’s dorm room was. HISTORY, people!

OH and the best part was when we sneaked into the Harvard cafeteria for students. It was like a scene out of Harry Potter. We TOTALLY got yelled at for trespassing. (They actually used that word.)

I was like, DUDE. It’s a mess hall for smart kids, not the National Archives. (I didn’t say this out loud. I have CLASS. Just not at Harvard!)

Here’s a little gallery of all our adventures.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about our Martha’s Vineyard escape!