I was at the Woburn Mall the other day and on my way into the mall I held the door for two ladies and a mom with a baby carriage. It was a nice, new one with leopard print.

She said “thank you” and walked in ahead of me. I have a nine-month-old grandson and I do a lot of baby stuff now. As I walked into the TJ Maxx, the Mom did the same and I looked over expecting to see a cute baby.

I could feel my eyes going wide and my eyebrows furrowing as I looked into the carriage. There wasn’t a baby. There was a DOG! It wasn’t a service dog. That would be fine. It was just a pet chihuahua. She was taking it shopping. In the TJ Maxx. I didn’t realize that was “a thing”. I know people treat their dogs and other pets like family members. They go to the park, get them groomed, buy them gifts, take them on vacation and feed them great meals. But, shopping?

I went on-line and some of these dog strollers cost $200. AND you can buy one to tow FIDO or MUFFY behind you when you ride your bike! Those can cost up to $400!

To each their own! :):)

If you are in the market for one of these bad boys, here you go!


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