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Nine words from Axl Rose led to a full-on riot 27 years ago today (July 2.)

Of course, there are plenty of other concert moments that will live in infamy.  Here are just five moments that have reached legend status.

Axl Rose & the Riverport Riot

Admittedly, the above description sounds like an amazing band name, but what wasn’t amazing was the riot that ensued at a Guns N’ Roses show in Maryland Heights, Mo. on July 2, 1991 when Axl Rose cut the set short after seeing a fan in the crowd with a camera.  Cut to the infamous “Well, thanks to the lame-ass security, I’m going home!” line….and cue riot!

Ozzy & the Bat

Another classic!  At a January 20, 1982 show in Des Moines, Iowa, a fan threw a dead bat onto the stage.  Ozzy thought it was a toy bat. (Oops!) Of course, after the show was when he went to the hospital for a round of rabies shots.  FUN!

Alice Cooper & the Chicken

“It had feathers; it should fly!”  Wrong, Alice! This iconic moment only added to the Shock Rocker’s legend…and likely still gives PETA fits.

Jim Morrison “Exposes” Himself

What’s so crazy about this incident is that decades later, no one really knows if it actually happened.  During a 1969 gig in Miami, Morrison allegedly exposed himself on stage and was later charged with indecent exposure and “the use of obscene language.”   There’s still no photographic proof that the Lizard King shows his…lizard, which is likely why decades later, the Florida Clemency Board issued a pardon.

Jim Morrison (The Doors) gets arrested in Miami 1969

During a 1969 concert at The Dinner Key Auditorium in Miami, Morrison attempted to spark a riot in the audience. He failed, but a warrant for his arrest was issued by the Dade County Police department three days later for indecent exposure. By this time the band was on vacation in Jamaica.


There are few classic rock concert moments as tragic and infamous as Altamont.  Poor organizing and the Hell’s Angels acting as security was a recipe for disaster and led to the stabbing death of Meredith Hunter, which was chronicled in the documentary Gimme Shelter.


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