Parents are always looking for things to do with their kids to keep them busy during the summer. The problem is many of the things kids want to do are expensive. How about a fort?

We always built forts or “clubhouses”  when we were kids. You’d find a hammer, some nails and old wood hanging around the cellar or yard. Maybe it was a friend whose Dad had some left over. We’d cobble together our materials and start banging away. The only thing that lasted, though, was the memories, LOL. My mother and I built one using strapping and styrofoam siding. Unfortunately, one of those late summer electric storms blew through the neighborhood and there went my fort. It’s a great memory, though.

Well, now it’s easier than ever to build a fort. You see free wooden shipping pallets on craigslist everyday. Grab a $5 box of nails or screws, a cordless drill or a hammer…or both…and you’ve got everything you need to build a cheap fort with your kids that will result in quality time together AND they’ll probably learn something too!