A baseball game can be as dangerous for the fans as it can be for the players, especially if you have pretty good seats. In Philadelphia, one lady found out the hard way after getting hit in the face with a duct taped hot dog! How?

The Phillies’ mascat, the Philly Phanatic, has a hot dog launcher and fires them into the stands for fans to catch and eat. The unsuspecting woman get hit right in the eye, suffering a black eye and facial bruises. Kathy McVay had a shoulder injury and couldn’t raise her hand to catch the hot dog. She went to the hospital to be checked out. She didn’t have a concussion, but did suffer a small hematoma in her eye. She needs to ice it every 20 minutes. Kathy says she won’t sue, though. She is a big Phillies fan. The team apologized and she accepted. She’s been given tickets to another game. She cautioned fans to pay attention at the game.