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One of my ALL TIME FAVES! John Fogerty! (I still have my CCR Suzi Q 45!)

I always felt for him, for the way he got dicked around by the music industry. From what I’ve read it did a number on him for awhile.

Lucky for us he kept making music and while the passage of time may not heal all wounds, it does give distance, perspective and wisdom.

This is my second conversation with John. It’s brief and you can hear the fan girl in my voice but I don’t care. I like the guy and I love the songs he’s written.

You can see John Fogerty with ZZ TOP June 22 at the Bank of NH Pavilion. Get tickets HERE.

Listen here:

And here’s “The Holy Grail”:

The Holy Grail (Featuring Billy Gibbons) (Official Audio)

Uploaded by John Fogerty on 2018-06-07.