In my two week quest for rocks that match my already gravel driveway, I happened to drive by these very colorful, homemade signs in Rockland proclaiming this was the ‘last of the birdhouses‘, ‘I’m not making anymore‘.  My curiosity was definitely piqued but I was on the fly, hunting for rocks. It was Saturday.

When I drove past the signs for the fourth time, I decided to stop. I couldn’t take the suspense anymore.

I couldn’t believe my good fortune! What a find! Interesting, funny, whimsical bird houses! AND BAT HOUSES!!!!

The man who assembled these, from his imagination and recycled material, is an adorable, congenial octogenarian who was so excited to talk about his creations, how he made them and all their special details.

His name is Bob and he only accepts cash. As usual I had about four dollars on me and though his creations were very reasonably priced (he only charges for labor) that wasn’t enough. I told him I’d be back later, meaning after I found my rocks, applied them to the driveway and stopped at the bank.

Which meant I didn’t get there until THURSDAY with the cash. Coincidentally, he told me channel 4 had been there earlier on Thursday and that he would be featured on that evenings WBZ TV newscast!

81-Year-Old To Retire Soon After 30 Years Of Making Unique Birdhouses

BOSTON (CBS) - They are one of a kind works of art: birdhouses, handmade by Bob Casey, of Rockland, who is 81-years-old now. It's something he's been doing for nearly 30 years. But Bob is going to call it quits soon, and that means his artwork is in high demand.

I bought this bird house:

and this BAT HOUSE! (He has more!)

He told me how he made this pattern by accident and then experimented with some other houses.

Like this one.

And this one.




Another view of the Sox house.

Right in the kitty’s belly!

Check THIS out!!!

A river boat!!!

Very intricate.

A very stylish bird condo!

I believe he made this one using a window so you can slide a piece of wood in the back to see the nests!

Birds have to get their cars serviced!

Bird manicure!!!

Stop lights!

another condo.

The statehouse!

Lighthouse birdhouse!

Men from Maine birdhouse!

European style!

I love this one! Library!

Train station! He had a couple variations of this theme.

Here’s another one.

Know a fire fighter?

Cos birds need a spiritual ‘retweet’!

These go in your garden. They’re just little houses.

I love the colors on this little bird house!