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Any show based on family dynamics NEEDS a great lead mom! Sure, she can be sweet and kind, but we like her best when she is funny!

Here are some of our favorites (in no particular order):

Kitty Forman-That 70’s Show

Claire Dunphy- Modern Family

Lucille Bluth- Arrested Development

Lucy Ricardo- I Love Lucy

Lucy's Famous Chocolate Scene

Here is the famous Chocolate scene from I Love Lucy, an illustrious tv series in the 1950's.

Beverly Goldberg- The Goldbergs


Who did we miss?


Jamie Martel is the WROR Marketing Director. Married to a man we all know and love as Dirt (don’t ask) and owns two little kids who are awesome most of the time. On Mother’s Day, her husband will be working and her kids will be being kids (cool sometimes/horrible the rest of the time). * Special thanks to Intern Jake for his help curating this list!