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Put on your coziest clothes, grab your favorite snacks and beverages (have the phone close by to place your takeout order), pick your favorite flicks and ahhhhhhh… LIFE IS GOOD!


Need some movie recommendations? Here are some movies featuring some of our favorite mom characters:

Ellen Griswold- National Lampoon’s Vacation Movies

Wayne Newton & Ellen Griswald "Loving You"

Wayne Newton flirts with Ellen Griswald in Vegas Vacation. Buy or rent this film on youtube here:

Leigh Anne Tuohy- The Blind Side

Maria Portokalos-  My Big Fat Greek Wedding

The Head and the Neck - MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING

Let me tell you something, Toula: "The man is the head, but the woman is the neck, and she can turn the head any way she wants."

Molly Weasley- Harry Potter

Molly Weasley vs Bellatrix Lestrange

Molly vs. Bellatrix Clip Follow me on twitter: ;) Watch in 1080p Credits to Warner Bros. J.K Rowling

Mrs. Jumbo- Dumbo 

Dumbo (1941): Baby mine scene

A stork delivers babies while circus animals are being transported, by train. Mrs. Jumbo, one of the elephants, receives her baby who is soon taunted by the other (female) elephants because of his large ears, and they nickname him "Dumbo". Dumbo was made to recoup the financial losses of Fantasia.

Jamie Martel is the WROR Marketing Director. Married to a man we all know and love as Dirt (don’t ask) and owns two little kids who are awesome most of the time. Maybe she’ll stay up past 8pm (her kid’s bedtime) and watch a movie… hahaha good one! *Thanks to Intern Jake for the help on this one now let’s hope HE remembers Mother’s Day!