The lights went out on the oversized Flapping Chicken at the corner of VFW Parkway and Route 109 in 2005 but it’s making it’s way back to light up the Rose Kennedy Greenway this summer!

As a kid who grew up in the Dedham/West Roxbury area, hearing this flashed back some great memories.

The Flapping Chicken was used as a traffic marker. Next to or before the Flapping Chicken, you would make the light. Anywhere just behind it, forget it! You were going to be sitting through the longest set of lights ever, twice!

Also if you got the right song with the right beat and hit the Chicken at the right time, you were in for a neon light dance show. Hey as a kid this was gold!

More importantly, The Flapping Chicken was the iconic sign for Fontaine’s Chicken Restaurant. Forget The Colonel, THIS¬† chicken was way better!¬† Although the chicken was good, the onion rings, oh those were just amazing! I’m becoming chubbier just thinking about them. Actually now that I think about it, how can we get THOSE back?!

Hear what the Loren & Morning Show thinks about this:

Flapping neon chicken sign and others to light up the Greenway - The Boston Globe

It's not a mirage: That really is the long-gone Fontaine's sign that used to signal the proximity of Southern fried chicken in West Roxbury going up on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Unfortunately, the sign does not signal a return of the famed restaurant or its comfort food.

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