I’m actually not conflicted. I sampled the new flavors of a cookie that needs no improvement.

Here’s my experience:

“Pina Colada” flavor. Strike one: they’re thin. Strike two: way. too. sweet. Nope.

“Cherry Cola flava flav”. Hell no. Couldn’t even finish it. Even the added ‘pop rocks’ didn’t help as they crackled unexpectedly in my throat. They smelled nice in the package but….gross.

“Kettle Corn”? Tastes like their vanilla cookies with too much maple flavoring. And again, too sweet so, nope.

But what about these new chili or cheese Oreo type cookie? I’d give ’em a try! Would you? 

Julie Devereaux


Kraft is releasing an Oreo lookalike tailor-made for Chinese consumers

When Oreos came to China in 1996, consumers were nonplussed. The chocolate sandwich cookies, which Americans seemed to want filled with ever-larger gobs of icing, were far too sweet for the Chinese palate. By 2005, Kraft Foods was losing money on every Oreo sold (paywall).


We don’t mean to be haters… We just think that some flavors should not be messed with.

Personally, I like normal Oreo Cookies. I like the mint ones too (And even more so, Trader Joe‘s Peppermint Joe Joe’s). But when it came to Red Velvet Oreos, I started to wonder when we’d cross the line.

Well, the newest 3 flavors for Oreo happen to be from the #MyOreoCreation contest, and it’s winners are “Cherry Cola,” “Piña Colada,” and “Kettle Corn.”

Now, I am an adventurous person. I’ve eaten squid, okay. I try things, so I’m not someone that’s got a “Wonderbread” form of taste, but Kettle Corn? “Piña Colada?” Why?!

Paste Magazine tried the flavors and shared that the Kettle Corn Oreos might as well have been a Golden Oreo, because it’s not much different, and they really hated on the Cherry Cola ones, which I honestly thought would be the most palatable out of the three.

Maybe I’m just getting old, but let’s see what you guys think…



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