I am a bargain hunter. It’s in my blood. My grandfather, Frank Morse, was a banker, but before that owned a second hand shop in Central Sq. in Cambridge. My father, Al Morse, is the best shopper known to man. It’s natural to me to want to find a bargain.

My latest?

Well, I need a new BBQ grill. The one I have is about 10 years old, is rusty, the wheels are falling off and it’s cooked it’s last steak. I go on Craigslist a lot and always check out the “free” section. Well, there was a Vermont Castings five burner grill on there for FREE. It is a very high end grill that I could never afford. This one needed an igniter and some cleaning, but everything else is in good shape. I responded to the ad and someone had already beaten me to the punch and was supposed to pick it up. As it turned out the person never showed up. I was next in line. So I called one of my best friends, Lou Intoppa, and he and I went up and got the big beast last night in Lynnfield. Originally, the grill cost about $2,000. A new one today is about $2,600. I will need to spend $30 to $50 to get the igniter replacement kit, but the grill should last me 10 years. The porcelain covered iron cooking grates are only two years old. I was SO PSCYHED!

Just for the record, I will not be buying used steaks when I use the grill for the first time! I can afford to buy new steak after getting the grill for free. :):)

Great luck bargain hunting!