So. Fleetwood Mac loses yet another guitarist. Yawn.

This is nothing new. Especially for this band. And also nothing new for Lindsey Buckingham who, if you remember, left Fleetwood Mac in the late ’80’s for a number of years.

There have been more than a few guitarists strewn along the Fleetwood Mac rock and roll highway long before Lindsey Buckingham was asked to join the band and following the first time he quit.

Fleetwood Mac was a band before Lindsey and they’ll be a band after Lindsey.

Fleetwood Mac put out nine prodigious albums before Buckingham and Nicks joined and have released a few without them in various combinations of talent in between and since the 1975 Buckinham Nicks infusion. No, none as popular as the records they made with Stevie and Lindsey but the fact remains they were a viable band for years before when Lindsey Buckingham and his then singer, songwriter, musician girlfriend Stevie Nicks were still struggling to pay the rent.

Fleetwood Mac‘s first album came out in 1968. It was called Fleetwood Mac. That’s the title of their first album. It wasn’t the white 1975 album, also named Fleetwood Mac. That was the first album to feature new members Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.

And it’s still not clear. Is Lindsey ‘out of the band’ or is he just off the tour?

Finally, I haven’t gone to a Fleetwood Mac show for many, many years. However, with the addition of Heartbreaker guitarist Mike Campbell and Neil Finn from Crowded house, it might actually be a show worth seeing again.


Here’s the official story:

Lindsey Buckingham Out Of Fleetwood Mac