I love it when I order things on Amazon over the weekend and, come Tuesday, there’s a stoop filled with presents!

Presents I had to buy for myself, but…details, details, people.

An unopened box from Amazon.com is a treat, no matter who has to foot the bill.


Unbeknownst to me, my husband, Dave, was doing the EXACT SAME THING this weekend, 1-clicking his way through the website and guaranteeing a busy week for the UPS guy.

I got home, opened the boxes and had, mmmm…what would I call it? One of those Ah-Ha moments?

Not quite, because those have an air of optimism about them.

This was more like an OH NO moment.


Because my haul looked less like a present and more like a PREMONITION:


So, those glasses are for ME because suddenly I CANNOT SEE ANYTHING 12 pts or smaller.

This is troubling.

The humidifier is for Lucy, who has a WICKED cold and super dry skin.

The stretching kit is to help my IT band, because I hurt it at the gym the other day. (NO ONE EVER GETS HURT SITTING ON THE COUCH.)

And the compression ankle and calf thingamajigs are for Dave, who decided to run on Saturday and his legs WERE HAVING NONE OF IT.

In short, we are all falling apart.

Also?, As I was typing this, I kept saying to myself  “I can hardly see!”

Then I realized the glasses I had ordered were in top of my head and not ON MY FACE which means I am also losing my mind.

Happy Tuesday!