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Hidden Movie Mistakes in Ten Commandments

With the annual Passover airing of classic movie The Ten Commandments on ABC this past Saturday night, it reminded me of the hysterical mistakes you can find if you look close.

I can watch this movie every weekend, never mind each year. It is clearly one of my favorites for a million reasons. But after watching it each year, I seem to find more and more little movie mistakes.

One really obvious one: When Moses walks up the mountain to connect with the burning bush, as the camera follows Charlton Heston you can see in the background the two tire tracks in the sand, made by the dolly that held the camera.

Also, at the open of the movie when baby Moses is rescued from the Nile, his diaper has a silver, safety pin. They didn't have those in 1300 BC.

Here are more-

Movie mistakes: The Ten Commandments (1956)

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