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Best of “RKO Outta Nowhere”

Wrestlemania 34 is one week away, but there's another wrestling-related holiday fans can celebrate today (April 1):  Randy Orton's birthday.

So, what the best way to celebrate The Viper's birthday?  By re-watching the "House of Horrors" match from 2017's Payback PPV...

JUST KIDDING!  Check out this compilation of the best fan-made “RKO Outta Nowhere” clips!


Enjoy it!


Of course, Orton is set to take on Bobby Roode and Jinder Mahal next Sunday when he defends the U.S. Championship at WrestleMania 34, so there will certainly be some at least one actual “RKO Outta Nowhere.” Perhaps it’ll be so good, the brass at WWE will have to edit the top 10 video below.  (However, it's going to be nearly impossible to oust the RKO on Seth Rollins that tops this list below.)

Randy Orton's Greatest RKOs Outta Nowhere: WWE Top 10

As long as Randy Orton's competing in the WWE Universe, no Superstar is safe from experiencing an RKO outta nowhere. Count down the 10 best instances of The Viper evening the odds with a completely unexpected RKO.

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