Drew Barrymore is the MOST delightful human on the planet. I interviewed her once at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston when she was in town doing press for her film, Whip It. She is as nice in person as on screen.

Her life story is epic and filled with stories I can’t even begin to imagine. Here she is on WWHL with Andy Cohen talking about some of it.

Sadly, there will be no E.T. sequel.

Also, she didn’t PLAN to flash David Letterman:

Drew Barrymore Didn't Plan on Flashing David Letterman

Season 15 Episode 56 Show Highlight: Drew Barrymore is asked by a WWHL caller if flashing David Letterman on his show was planned and Drew jokes about why she did it.

And YOU HAVE TO SEE Drew back in the day with Johnny Carson:


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