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Happy Birthday to Steven Tyler! 70 year old Steven is back on the road playing country music. Take a look at his post from a few years ago when Steven began his new path of country music and the few minutes I had to talk to him about life: Jaybeau

While I like some country music hits and the stars that sing them, I’m not qualified to judge if Steven Tyler is actually making it in the country music world. Some that are experts are saying it’s a slow trajectory for the rock icon and perhaps it may be stalling. On top of that rumor, Steven’s new career in country seems to be the latest drama affecting his business with his band-mates. I really hope they work it out. I met Steven a few years ago.  Imagine what it was like to have a one-on-one personal, off-the-air chat about his life. It was a real life talk, so much so that he held off the limo driver and road manager to continue talking, with me. My personal twenty minutes with Steven Tyler seemed like an hour. We talked about his father, the American Idol days and more. He was very genuine and engaging. Beneath the iconic fame, talent, success and fortune somehow, was a real guy.

It’s stunning to me, to think that Steven Tyler with all of his connections, ability and iconic brand may not make it in the country music world. Yet, unknowns on You Tube are being discovered every year. What’s the lesson? Never give up on your dreams. You don’t need to be a Steven Tyler to become one. But when you make it big, don’t be too big to give me a real twenty minutes.

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