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Important Safety Tips During A Snowstorm!

Massachusetts residents are getting hit with their third Nor'easter in 13 days and we're expecting between 16 to 20 inches of snow before it's over.

Parts of Plymouth will get even more. Wind gusts could get up to 60 miles per hour and that means power outages.

Here are some safety tips about using generators from

Generator safety

Learn to use generators safely to prevent fires, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and electrocution.
Generators can be helpful when the power goes out for an extended period of time. It is important to know how use them safely to prevent fires, carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning and electrocution.

Purchasing and preparing to use a generator

  • Purchase one that has been approved by a nationally recognized testing agency such as Underwriter’s Laboratory (UL).
  • Have a licensed electrician install a transfer switch. Never plug a generator directly into a wall outlet to avoid backfeeding which can electrocute utility workers.
  • Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions before you need to use the generator.
  • Install working CO alarms on every level of the home.

Heating ventilation: Many new homes home heating systems that use direct vent ventilation and not a traditional chimney. Many times these are vented out the side of the home out a pvc pipe, but are only a few feat off the ground. With deep snow expected, make sure to shovel the snow from around the pipe and keep the general area clear so there isn't any carbon monoxide backing up into your home.

Dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning:

Why is Carbon Monoxide So Deadly? - GTKAM

This week Reactions takes a look at the science behind why carbon monoxide is so deadly. It's colorless, odorless and can be deadly. Carbon monoxide is no joke, especially in the winter when people will do just about anything to warm up.

Fire safety tips:

Framingham Fire on Twitter

Are you ready for more #MASnow? Here are some fire safety tips during winter storms to help you prepare for the next snow storm. #WinterSafety

Winter driving tips:

MassDrive, a Bindable Company on Twitter

Snow/Wind! Be careful on the roads, brush up on these safety tips:

Some additional safety tips for walking on snow and ice:

City_of_Framingham on Twitter

Here are winter safety tips for walking in the snow & ice. For more safety tips: #ReadyFramingham

 How to make shoveling easier:

Easiest Way To Shovel Snow

Save precious time plus avoid back injuries while clearing snow during the long Winter months. Absolutely NO LIFTING, NO BENDING, NO TWISTING. Amazingly 5 TIMES FASTER than the traditional method of shovelling snow, even if you use only one hand as like in this video.

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