VIDEO: Brian Johnson Performs “Route 66” With Mick Fleetwood

By now, we’re all familiar with Brian Johnson’s exit from AC/DC due to hearing issues, but every once and awhile, he pops up in some surprising venues.

A few days ago, Johnson surprised concert-goers at Mick Fleetwood’s restaurant Fleetwood’s on Front St. in Maui, Hawaii.  Fleetwood, himself, was performing with a crew of musicians when he invited Johnson on stage.

Before the performance, there was some fun banter, but then Johnson fronted a performance of the blues standard “Route 66,” and it sounded EXACTLY like how you’d think Johnson would sing “Route 66.”

More importantly, it reminded us just how much we miss Johnson.

Brian Johnson Mick Fleetwood LIVE 2018 - Route 66 - Fleetwood's on Front Street, Lahaina 03/04/18

Not only were we fortunate enough to see Mick Fleetwood at his restaurant in Maui, he welcomed surprise guest Brian Johnson AC/DC to the stage!!!

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