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Once And For All: Are Boston Streets Patterned After Cow Paths?

Anyone who's been in the Boston area for any amount of time has heard the "cow path" theory when it comes to our whacked out traffic patterns.

I stumbled on this article that sort of explains it.


Are Boston's Streets Really Paved Over Cow Paths?

Or is there some other reason why none of the roads make sense? Welcome to "One Last Question," a new series where research editor Matthew Reed Baker tackles your most Bostonian conundrums. Have a question? Email him at [email protected] Question: People always say Boston's crooked roads are because the citizens of Olde Boston just paved over cow paths.

Thought you'd like a couple 'Boston' songs while you're here.

The Byrds - Boston

The Byrds 1964 before the departure.

Please Come To Boston

By Dave Loggins. I took the time to make a little slide video. This is an amazing song. Please subscribe! Thanks so much, everyone!