Dirty Laundry

When I first started dating Dave, I happened upon his EXTENSIVE Joe Satriani collection and was mildly shocked. Why? The sheer volume of the collection was pretty intimidating, and the reverence with which he spoke about this guitar player I’d never even heard of was, well, interesting. (Color me more Debbie Gibson than Gibson guitar. Sorry!)

Trust me, I got to know the works of Satriani very quickly. Dave took me to a concert; he made me listen to the CDs on long car rides to New Jersey, but to be fair, I made him listen to show tunes.


For Christmas, I got him a ticket to Satriani’s G3 Tour, featuring John Petrucci (Dream Theater) and Phil Collen (Def Leppard). It was a Thursday night, so Dave went straight from work (wearing a suit, no less.) And the best part? He caught a drumstick AND Satch’s guitar pick. He was OUT-OF-HIS-MIND HAPPY:









So when I found out there was an opportunity to interview Satriani, I texted Dave. Behold his response:












Dave came VERY PREPARED. Satriani shirt? Check. Pages of questions for a 12 minute interview? Check. Check. Headphones, water and a case of nerves? Check, check, CHECK!















Here’s Dave’s AWESOME interview – the man has MAD interviewing skills!

Plus, he breaks a little Chickenfoot news, finds out the backstory of Satch’s Surfing with the Alien album cover and why you won’t be able to get it after next year.

Be sure to catch “Beyond the Supernova” documentary, directed by Satriani’s son, ZZ, tonight on AXS TV at 10 p.m.


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