Former Beatle, musician George Harrison (1943 - 2001), pictured a few days after the birth of his son Dhani, UK, 4th August 1978. (Photo by Evening Standard/Getty Images)

Want to be inspired in 7 minutes? This isn’t a gimmick or commercial. It’s a real life story from George Harrison, told by his friend, Gary Wright. This weekend would have been former Beatle George Harrison’s 75th birthday.

I remembered what hit-maker Gary Wright (Dream Weaver, Love Is Alive) told me, about the time when he got the call to play keyboards on one of George’s new albums.)

George Harrison made such an impact on Gary, he wrote a book about his friendship: Dream Weaver: A Memoir, Music, Meditation and My Friendship with George Harrison. 

Take a listen to an inspirational seven minutes on what George taught Gary. It goes beyond music. The life lessons from George helped Gary get though some tough times after the massive success of Dream Weaver.