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Best Twitter Reaction To Ivett Toth’s AC/DC Figure Skating Routine

If you’ve been following the Olympics, you know that the Ladies’ Short Program was last night and included some interesting song choices thanks to the new rule that allows skaters to use music with lyrics.

The most surprising and welcome music choice for rock fans that happened to be watching was the AC/DC medley of “Back in Black” and “Thunderstruck” used by Ivett Toth from Hungary.

The only bummer about the whole AC/DC moment came from commentator/former Olympic skater Johnny Weir who complained that he didn’t understand any of the lyrics.  Commentator/Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski also wasn’t kind about the song choice either.

However, leave it to fellow commentator/Olympic gold medalist Scott Hamilton to show some support.

Scott Hamilton on Twitter

I loved it! To skate on Olympic Ice for Short Program to @acdc was literally #music to my ears. I loved every step and every note. I've always supported something brave, when it's totally legit. @NBCOlympics


Here are some of our other favorite Twitter reactions to Toth’s AC/DC program.

Steve Overbey on Twitter

Figure skater from Hungary gets my vote for skating to AC/DC medley. Never mind that she over rotated on her triple axle. Thunderstruck at the Olympis is a good thing.

Dominic Patten on Twitter

Alas @JohnnyGWeir, when you try to use @acdc as a blunt object of #olympics criticism, you only end sounding hopelessly out of tune, out of ideas & witless

par avion on Twitter

Attention! AC/DC skater made it to the next round! Woo-hoo!

Will Brocklebank on Twitter

Ditch the frilly dresses & sequins. Props to #IvettToth for her leather-clad figure-skating to AC/DC's Thunderstruck Super cool

mkeane on Twitter

Olympics #FigureSkating Top women were conventional and boring (except maybe the black swan). More AC/DC, pantsuits, and uniqueness! No more sequins, skirts, and Bielman spins!!

Frankie Kazarian on Twitter

I know nothing about figure skating, but I'm cheering for the girl who just did a routine to @acdc Thunderstruck. ????????Of course the narrow minded douche announcers buried her choice of music. #WinterOlympics

Cammien Ray on Twitter

this lil one came in with the AC/DC knowing full well the judges would hate it and sis did NOT give a fuck

somedaybitch on Twitter

@BecketAdams @SethAMandel AC/DC, wearing a leather biker outfit? All the medals. Every last one.

Hannah Simpson ????️‍???? on Twitter

The boys have @Adaripp, but us queer ladies watching this #Olympics just discovered #IvettToth of #HUN Hungary! I don't know if you are queer darling, but you are fabulous and getting cheers from #NYC anyway! @ACDC #PyeongChang2018

Bonnie D. Ford on Twitter

Everyone skate to AC/DC and then we'll see who wins

michelle wagner on Twitter

3 girls skating to "Carmen" and we've got @JohnnyGWeir bitching about AC/DC ???? You of all people should respect someone with individual flair. #PyeongChang2018 #Olympics

Brittany on Twitter

If you're a woman who is gonna skate to AC/DC in a biker-themed costume at the Olympics I am gonna be your fan for life.

NotThisShitAgain on Twitter

Loved the girl from Hungary and her ACDC routine, in that it was something different. You don't have to dig the music, I get that. But you of anyone should embrace and applaud the different. May even attract a new audience to skating. Skating could use a little [email protected]

This Is My Happy Face on Twitter

She might not be the best skater tonight, but Ivett Toth is my hero for skating to AC/DC in a black studded band 'jacket' in competition at the Olympics.

Jerry Steffen™ KESQ on Twitter

@billboard Hungary's #IvettToth just skated to AC/DC's Back in Black/Thunderstruck wearing leather and NBC commentator #JohnnyWeir didn't like the routine because he could understand what they were singing. I thought it was unique, exciting, fun & rock 'n' roll! #YouGoGirl! #WinterOlympics

Clare on Twitter

As far as I'm concerned you can give Ivett Toth a gold medal, a Heisman, a Pulitzer, whatever she wants for that AC/DC routine.

Kelly Jane Torrance on Twitter

My sister is watching figure skating and tells me, "There is a little Hungarian girl doing her program to AC/DC!" That girl is my hero.

Dux Fanatic on Twitter

Ivette Tooth (Hungary) didn't do old and tired, she went "The Cutting Edge" on em tonight, D.B. Sweeney @RealDBSweeney would be proud ???? #figureskateing #Olympics #Ac-Dc

????Laura/Лаура???? My Parents Call Me Pickles on Twitter

Tuned into the #Olympics2018 figure skating, just in time to see Ivett Tóth from Hungary skate to AC/DC. What a badass! Of course the pearl clutchers were not impressed. That was cool. Screw the haters. #thunderstruck

Texas Red Velvet on Twitter

In a field of fragile flowers, I've gotta give it to the Hungarian girl who skated to AC/DC. Rock on! ????????⛸#ladiesfigureskating #olympics

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