CHARLOTTE, NC - FEBRUARY 13: Mick Edwards shovels snow from his driveway on February 13, 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina. A snow storm moved through North Carolina the night before, dumping approximately 7 inches of snow across Charlotte. (Photo by Davis Turner/Getty Images)

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I love the Winter Olympics and the excitement they bring from watching sports you don’t see all the time. I mean watching the Summer Games is fun, but we’ve all played basketball and volleyball, run down the street and gone swimming. Most people I know have never done three somersaults on skis off a halfpipe, hurdled down a mountain face first at 80 miles per hour on a steel bladed sled or jumped 400 feet through the air after coming down a 300 foot, steeply pitched jump at 60 miles-per-hour!

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So, I went out and talked to people about what sports they’d really like to see at the Winter Olympics!

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