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Ever Get A Bad Valentine’s Day Gift? Hank Found Some Doozies!

What defines a gift as good or bad is very subjective and, let's face it, gift buying isn't always easy, especially on Valentine's Day. Sometimes, in the beginning of a relationship, you get butterflies trying to make the right call.

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When you're in a relatively new relationship, maybe just a card works. Maybe you make a dozen of their favorite cookies, If it's been longer than a few months maybe you go with flowers, candy or both.

After 25 years, maybe you're sick of the same old thing every year. I have a friend whose husband gave her the same nightshirt....same material and pattern.....for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and Christmas. The one for Mother's Day was a little longer, so at least he changed it up a little!

I went out and talked to some great Loren and Wally listeners and asked the question:

Did you ever get a bad Valentine's Day gift? Listen and Learn! :):):)


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