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Here's How To Talk Like A Snowboarder! #McTwist720 - Hank

A McTwist? A Tamedog? A Rippey Flip? NO, they're not a new ice cream at McDonalds, a good pet or a nasty, pants tearing fall! They are snowboarding terms!

The US is dominating at the Winter Olympics in snowboarding, so it's time to learn the lingo! Chloe Kim, Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson have all won gold medals. Kim and Gerard are only 17! Unreal!

Here's how to talk like a snowboarder!

How to Talk Like a Snowboarder, feat. Craig McMorris

Love the sport but can't quite figure out what people are saying about it? Here's your guide, brought to you by no less a steezy expert than pro snowboarder Craig McMorris.

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