What Is Curling? Lungboy Learns How To Curl!

With the opening of another Winter Games, we get to cheer for sports we don't get to see other times of the year.

I've always enjoyed watching curling for some reason. It might be because it reminds me of playing bocce, but on ice. Or maybe it's because seems like an Olympic sport I could actually do. (I snowboard, but I would never try what those USA athletes try!) I contacted the South Shore Curling Club to see if they could give me the lowdown on Curling. I heard back from club president, Kieran, who invited me to one of their Learn To Curl events. How could I resist? I showed up at the Bridgewater Ice Arena not sure what to expect. I found out that lots of people wanted to learn - there were about 40 curious curlers! They split us into teams and we headed to our sheets. My instructor, Kendall, was awesome. She taught us the basic techniques of how to throw the 42 lb. stones and how to sweep its path, too! Trying to balance on a broom while performing a lunge and attempting to push the stone straight is really hard!

Loren & Wally

Thanks to Kendall from South Shore Curling Club for teaching me how to curl today! So much fun! I should be ready for Beijing in 2022! #Curling #WinterGames ~Lungboy

I did start to get the hang of it though; I just need a little more practice. After we played a few ends, we shook hands with our competitors and said "Good Curling". Then it was time for Broomstacking - basically the curling after-party. The club provided an amazing spread of 'pot luck' goodies for everyone and the winning team buys the first round for the losing team. We all had a great afternoon!

Loren and Wally on Twitter

Talking #Curling #WinterOlympics @Lungboy learned with @SouthShoreCurl this weekend! @USACurl w/ @LBFalcone @HankMo... https://t.co/1s670fwsNz

Curling is a lot of fun and the people at South Shore Curling Club are great! If you're interested, try out a Learn To Curl session yourself!

South Shore Curling Club | Massachusetts arena curling

We were happy to host Brian from the Loren and Wally Morning Show show on 1057 WROR at our Learn to Curl on Saturday. If you'd like to hear about his curling experience, listen to today's WROR podcast. The curling conversation starts at about 13:50. Also check out his Instagram to see Brian in action!