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I love to watch the ski jumpers at the Winter Olympics. I always have. Even before “Eddie the Eagle” from Great Britain captured hearts worldwide in Calgary in 1988 with his limited ability and gigantic determination and thick glasses, I’ve loved this sport. The athletes are graceful and fearless, looking possible death in the eye as they glide down a nearly 300 foot ramp and then soaring over a football field in length, landing in the snow!

I always wondered, “How do they do that for the first time?”

Take an exhilarating look at ski jumping! Deep breath!

Ski jumping 360°

Join Anders Jacobsen and Fredrik Bjerkeengen on top of Holmenkollen, learn the essential elements of ski jumping. At the end you'll also experience jumping in one of the world's most famous ski jumping hills. Norsk versjon:

An intro to U.S. ski jumping!

Training without the snow!

The science of ski jumping.

Watch this VR ski jumping machine!

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