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RIP Grateful Dead Lyricist John Barlow - Julie Devereaux

Forward thinker John Perry Barlow has passed away.

He wrote songs with Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir who had this to say via twitter on John's passing:

This life is fleeting as we all know - the Muse we serve is not. John had a way of taking life's most difficult things and framing them as challenges, therefore adventures. He was to be admired for that, even emulated. He'll live on in the songs we wrote...

John's left behind quite a legacy including his internet activism.

John Perry Barlow, Grateful Dead Lyricist, Internet Pioneer, Dead at 70

John Perry Barlow, a lyricist for the Grateful Dead and cofounder of Electronic Frontier Foundation and Freedom of the Press Foundation, has died. He was 70. The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), the non-profit digital rights organization Barlow cofounded, said in a statement on its website that Barlow died in his sleep on Wednesday.

I've never been a dead head but have always appreciated their music and dug a lot of their songs. Here's one he co-wrote:

Cassidy - The Grateful Dead

♥ I have seen where the wolf has slept by the silver stream I can tell by the mark he left, you were in his dream Ah child of countless trees Ah child of boundless seas What you are, what you're meant to be Speaks his name, though you were