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It looks as if Snapchat is taking a cue from Facebook… Again…

With Facebook taking the avenue of making sure that your friends and family come first in your feed, now Snapchat is going to do the same.

The layout of the new version of Snapchat is ruffling feathers because of how they’ve moved around Friends, Discover, and Stories Features.

According to The Daily Mail, “The most significant change has been the removal of the Stories page that separated personal Snaps from those of the user’s friends. The Snapchat update will now display all Stories on the Friends page.”


In addition to this, Snapchat is opening up the “Create Your Own Filter” to the brand’s users, which will let them build their own locational filter, as well as Custom Lenses (for iOS only for the time being). This means you can make pigs, cats, and other weird faces for your new collection of lenses, as well as just making specialty frames for specific events. The Lenses and Filters both start of at $10 and vary on the time, and location.

Still, this does not seem to cool off the burn from Snapchat users, who just want their feed back to normal.

The Daily Mail offered the following tips to revert back to the original design, though if just deleting and re-downloading the app doesn’t work, it seems pretty tedious to revert back to the original by digging into the back end of your phone. Read their tips below:

How to revert back to the previous Snapchat version

You can revert back to the previous version of Snapchat by simply following these steps:

1.  Delete the app from your phone

2. Re-download it from the App store and open it

3. Tap Log-In

4. Tap “Forgot password”

5. Follow the steps to change your password

6. Log back in with your new password and the new updated will have reverted to the old version


How to uninstall the Snapchat update on Android

Android uses Android Application Package (APK) files and the APK for a previous version of Snapchat is vital when uninstalling a new update and can be found with a simple web search.

An APK can also be extracted from if the user has a previous version of the app on another device or if the phone is rooted, the APK can be found from the data/app/folder.

1. After finding the APK file, uninstall the new Snapchat version from the device.

2. Copy the older APK file using Windows Explorer and then copy it to a new folder or the Download folder.

3. Download or buy an Android File Explorer app to find the APK file on the device. Tap on it and install it.

Android users can also download older versions of Snapchat from here.


How to uninstall the Snapchat update on iPhone

Apple users may be able to revert to the older version of Snapchat via iTunes, but it is important not to update any apps in iTunes. The user will need an old copy of the app that is stored in the iTunes library.

1. Press the Snapchat icon for a few seconds and delete the app by pressing the ‘X’ that appears in the upper lefthand corner.

2. After the app icon disappears, press the home button to get out of delete mode.

3. Connect the phone to a computer.

4. Open iTunes and select your device but do not sync at this point.

5. Click on Applications and select Apps in the sidebar.

6. Search for Snapchat in the iTunes Apps list and select the option to install and then sync the device.

7. The old version, that is saved in iTunes, will be copied back to the phone.


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