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Bring On The Winter Olympics And Sports I’ve Never Tried! - Hank

I have always loved the Winter Olympics! It goes back to being a kid and watching athletes do amazing things on snow and ice! I played hockey, skated, skiied and went sledding! I couldn’t fathom, though, going straight down a ramp the length of a football field on long skis and then  launching myself in the air another 300 feet as the earth dropped away below me!

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The luge and bobsleigh were extreme sledding and you could almost imagine yourself doing it, after an afternoon of sledding on local hills!

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Add the gorgeous backdrop of snow covered mountains and lodges with fireplaces and lots of  happy people in cool sweaters and I was hooked! I LOVED hockey, of course, with the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team pulling off one of the greatest upsets in sports history in 1980, upsetting the Russians and beating Sweden to win the gold medal at Lake Placid. Bring on the 2018 games!


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