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Butler Statement at Melrose, ah Patriots Place-Jaybeau

Remember the days after losing a Big Game, we'd cry for a moment, and then count the days to Spring Training? Not any more.

Matt Patricia and Josh McDaniels are moving to new jobs. Add to that, with the now infamous National Anthem tears and special teams bench, the controversy continues. Malcolm Butler breaks his silence, with some support from Tom Brady.  

Coming up next, Melrose, ah, Patriots Place. 

But, Robert Kraft know's how to get outta jams. He and his team have done it before. Pretend it's the fourth quarter.

Malcolm Butler breaks silence, and Tom Brady approves

Malcolm Butler has spoken - with a Tom Brady endorsement. The star Patriots cornerback who shockingly did not play a single defensive snap in the loss to the Eagles in Super Bowl LII addressed the rumors Tuesday surrounding coach Bill Belichick's decision to bench him for the first time this season.