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Tom Brady's Glove Made From The Same Material As His Recovery PJ's! - Hank

So we all know about Tom's injured right hand...."THE hand"...that's led the Patriots to five Super Bowl championships and has them on the verge of a sixth. TB 12 injured the hand and the thumb in practice the week before the AFC championship against Jacksonville. His thumb was bent back when he collided with running back Rex Burkhead and he also suffered a 12 stitch cut.

(Photo by Hannah Foslien/Getty Images)

Cut to the Super Bowl opening night celebration on Monday night in Minneapolis and there was Brady looking like MichaelĀ  Jackson wearing one glove. He didn't try to hide it. Turns out Under Armour made the glove out of the same compression material they make his pajamas out of. Tom terrific says the glove helps protect his hands and "has a lot of recovery in it!" I guess we'll find out how much Sunday in Super Bowl LII against Philly!

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All Tom Brady needs is a little glove (I'll see myself out) https://t.co/t4eiY064WF

Tom and his magic pajamas

Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear: REST. WIN. REPEAT.

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