I don’t know Benjamin Moore personally and I have never met Sherwin Williams, but they’ve taken up a lot of space in my house for too long. I have SO MUCH PAINT! Some was there when I moved in, some I used to paint the outside, some the inside and some has never been opened. My wife Pam pointed those out to me!!! :):)

So, over the summer I wanted to get rid of a lot of the paint, nearly all of it latex, which is water based. Oil based paint and stain can be recycled in most towns, but you need to get rid of latex paint on your own and it has to be in hardened form. HOW do you do that? They sell a powdered hardener that turns paint to gel and then hardens, but it’s expensive. It cost me almost $40 to do 10 cans of paint. That’s a lot of money. So, I went online to find some options. You can cut up newspaper and soak it in the paint and let it dry, but that takes a lot of work, time, effort. The best suggestion was to buy clumping kitty litter. I went to Costco and bought the big double box for $14. You pour it into the paint, stir it around and it acts just like the gel, but costs SO MUCH LESS!!! One box took care of 10 gallons of paint and cost $7 instead of $40. You let it dry for 24 hours and thenĀ  you can throw it away in your regular trash!


Some more tips on getting rid of paint and other liquids!


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