I hadn’t been able to find the drinking glasses I was looking for so I did what we all do now: I ordered them online.

The thing with ordering on line is, you can’t actually see, in person, or hold, or inspect what you’re buying (hence my new favorite phrase: “what’s your return policy?”). So when I opened the box of my new traveling drinking glasses, I was somewhat surprised by their gargantuan size. How had I missed “32 ounces” when I ordered them?

Ok, no big deal. It just means fewer walks to the water cooler at work.

Coincidentally (or not), Friday evening, after spending two painful hours at the Apple store in Hingham, I wandered over to the book store and right there when you walk in, is the new book: The TB12 Method: How To Attain A Lifetime Of Sustained Performance. I picked it up and started thumbing through the pages and stumble upon this:

TB12 is simple: Drink at least one-half of your body weight in ounces of water every day. That’s the minimum. Ideally, you’ll drink more than that, and with added electrolytes, too. This makes sense, considering the composition of our bodies.

Which meansĀ I’ll need to drink two of these a day…(more or less).

Ok. No big deal. It just means more walks to the ladies room at work.